Family Fun Fishing

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Other factors to consider, children are not known for having the best attention spans. Teens and even some adults may become frustrated easily as well. You’ve spent a lot of money to come down and visit paradise; the last thing anyone wants on their vacation is disgruntled family members.
Now let’s picture a different scenario, only a short ride from the dock you’ve arrived to your fishing destination. Everyone has a rod in their hands and a bait in the water. Within minutes rods are bent over with multiple hook ups, sporty battles ensue, but before long multiple fish are boatside and over the gunnel. This is what family fun trips are all about, putting smiles on everyone’s faces, having everyone involved and spending less time running or waiting for bites, and more time catching!
On family fun trips we will typically fish for snapper and jacks, sometimes we may even target mackerel and bluefish. Snapper are one of the most abundant fish in all the keys, snapper fishing in the Florida Keys is always a safe bet if you are looking to catch a lot of fish. Mangrove snappers are found virtually anywhere you can find structure such as the bridges that connect the islands of Islamorada, to the mangrove estuaries found in the backcountry. One of the more common species in the Florida Keys, mangrove snapper find shelter pretty much everywhere you fish. Not only are they a good fighting fish, but they are also excellent on the dinner table.
Jacks are also a common catch on these trips, as they tend to frequent the same territory as snappers. Jacks provide a good fight and will certainly put a bend in the rod, but the most important thing is that they are available and always willing to play ball.

No specialized equipment is required for this kind of charter, the rods, reels and tackle we use can be handled by any member of the family. The overriding theme of these types of charters is this, if you’re looking for a trip that isn’t a fuss, that you will have constant action all day, is appropriate for family members of all ages and will put a smile on everyone’s faces – this is it.