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Sailfish – The sailfish is the state saltwater fish of Florida. They fight unbelievably hard, make spectacular jumps and have the stamina of an olympic athlete. Not only that but they make screaming runs, they are one of the fastest fish, if not the fastest fish in the entire ocean.
Dolphin (mahi-mahi) – No fish is more representative of south Florida and the Florida Keys than the dolphin or mahi-mahi. They’re one of the most popular fishing targets among our charter fleet as well as weekend fisherman, and for good reason. There’s so many awesome features to talk about with these guys, so here are the highlights:

● They are one of the best eating fish in the sea
● Brilliant colors and patterns
● Hard fighting and tons of stamina
● Relatively reliable to find and catch
● The most sustainable fish in the ocean

If you don’t dolphin fish when you go to the keys, did you even go?

Tuna – Who doesn’t love sushi or a grilled tuna steak? It’s no secret that tuna are tasty, and here in Islamorada we have plenty of them. Similar to dolphin, they are hard fighters that are usually fairly easy to catch and are a favorite of charter guides and weekend fishermen alike. An offshore trip in Islamorada isn’t complete without putting a few tuna in the box!