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The silver king – tarpon, the ultimate test of tackle and an angler’s will. Some of these fish can tip the scales at over 200 pounds. Aside from their colossal size, tarpon are known for their incredible runs, acrobatic aerial displays and marathon stamina. For these reasons, tarpon inspire anglers from all over the globe to travel to Islamorada for a chance at landing one of these legendary gamefish.
The gray ghost- bonefish, the perfect combination of strength, speed and stealth. These fish are known as the gray ghost because they have the uncanny ability to disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. They seem to hide in plain sight on a flat, but when you hook one, hold on. Once hooked, bonefish turn into gray/silver torpedos that spool reels and dump backing in the blink of an eye. They’re fierce adversaries that provide an insatiable fight. One of angling’s true tests.
The legendary linesider – snook. Snook are everything you want in a gamefish. They fight extremely hard, absolutely hammer baits and provide a challenge on almost any tackle. From small fish that average a few pounds to 20 plus pound giants, snook are one of the hardest fighting and most fun fish to target in Islamorada!
Bonus**: Inshore permit. Flats permit are without a doubt the pinnacle of angling. Flats permit are perhaps the most difficult fish in the world to catch. Stealthy, incredibly intelligent and hard fighting, this is expert level angling. However, if you land one of these fish, cherish it as you’ll truly be in elite company.