Tripletail Fishing

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These fish can be found both offshore on wrecks and deeper structure as well as inshore in many different environments such as docks and crab traps, but the common denominator is structure. We’ll be fishing for them inshore which most often means crab buoys and channel markers.

As we previously mentioned, tripletail are masters of camouflage, they typically hang tight to structures and float on their sides just below the surface thus resembling floating algae or seagrass. Predator and prey alike often don’t notice what’s hiding in plain sight, this makes for an easy meal for the tripletail while also staying safe from predators like sharks and dolphins. Even anglers with a well trained eye may bypass these sneaky floaters from time to time.

Tackle and Gear:

These guys can get quite large, and even the small ones put up quite a fight for their size. That being said, we use a good 4000 size spinning setup. We will typically throw shrimp and greenbacks as well as shrimp or paddle tail imitations at these guys. They will also eat flies in varying patterns.
Lures and flies can be somewhat of a challenge to get an eat at times, however live bait usually always results in a hook up. If you’re not the greatest caster or they don’t seem interested in your artificial presentation, don’t be dismayed, tripletail can be pretty forgiving which allows for multiple casts at a floating fish before they spook.
When you do hook up, hold on. These fish make hard runs, dive deep and even jump – they’re actually a very underrated gamefish that will test your skills as well as your tackle!

A delicious, hard fighting fish that is relatively easy to find and target nearly year round – what a great gamefish! Ask about targeting tripletail on your next charter, you’ll be glad that you did!

Finally, one of the best things about tripletail is that they are absolutely delicious. While we practice catch and release with most fish we catch such as redfish and snook, tripletail can be brought back to the dock.The filets are firm and white and are some of the best eating fish around. They can be grilled, blackened, fried or baked and it will always turn out great!