Tarpon Fishing

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The majority of tarpon fishing is done around local bridges and channels. Here you will also find many other fish to steal your bait such as Giant Jack Crevalles and barracudas. The bridges are a giant highway to many fish such as the tarpon but if the bite is slow you are always never far from changing gears and fishing the bridge structure itself for other species such as Snapper, Grouper and Permit
Live baiting for tarpon is one of the most successful techniques when it comes to hooking one on the end of your rod. Whether it’s dead mullet on the bottom or a live mullet on the surface. Tarpon feed on these bait fish as they are around in great numbers during the season. Pilchards and lady fish are also a great bait to use for tarpon during certain times such as the later months in the migration leading all the way into the fall months when the mullet start to migrate out.
Big rods and reels are used since these fish can grow up to and over 200lbs. Hooking into a fish this large is a rare occurrence but does happen a few times throughout the season when the larger fish are around. If you are fortunate enough to hook into a Tarpon this large you better be ready for the fight of your life because they are not going to give up without wearing you out first. A true battle of the wills.
Tarpon are known to put on quite the show when hooked into one. Battling a tarpon can last for a short time due to it by throwing the hook or breaking you off or into a couple of hours if you are lucky enough to keep one on for that long. They are quite the acrobat jumping out the water continuously with vicious head shakes trying to spit your hook. As well as quite the genius when it comes to finding an object to cut your line. Since the majority of the tarpon fishing we do is by bridges these fish are known to weave you in and out of the bridges trying to tangle you up on the sharp bridge pilings as they make each pass through.
Tarpon fishing can lead to a long wait but the anticipation build up is worth it the minute one slurps your bait and takes off for its life. Quite the adrenaline rush for any angler as these fish go absolute crazy once they feel your presence. The minute your rod bends and your drag begins to scream. Its game on as your captain chases down these fish as fast as possible to get over top of top them to begin the fight avoiding the chance of losing them. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience.