Snook Fishing

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To catch Snook we will use a variety of Artificial lures as well as different types of Live bait. Using artificial lures is a great way to work an entire area quickly to find if there are any fish hanging out. Throwing artificial jigs and lures you are able to cast far to cover a lot of ground in only a short time. I like to use artificial lures to locate fish before switching to live bait. Once the fish are found we will typically switch to live bait to ensure a quick bite. Live bait such as Pilchards and Pinfish are a great snook bait.

It is important to fish moving water to find snook for the simple fact that moving water means moving bait fish. Whether the tide is incoming from the Gulf or outgoing from the bay it is important to fish water that is flowing to ensure a good bite. With water that is flowing all the bait fish are getting flushed around which is prime time for fish to feed and a great opportunity for your bait to get ate.


Snook can grow big and fight tremendously hard. Normally found around mangrove islands and brush their number 1 goal is to wrap you around anything that can cut your line. So when we snook fishing it is typical to use a heavy setups like a medium to heavy rod with a 5000 reel rigged with 30lb braided line to ensure you are able to get the snook out from their cover and away from any debris that can cut your line. If there is something in the water that will cut your line or snag you up. A snook will find it. 30lb braid matched with a long 30lb fluorocarbon leader and a 3/0 offset circle hook is a great setup for a good size snook. Circle hooks are great for live bait and ensure a good hook set right in the corner of the mouth.

Catch and Release

While Snook can be kept for harvest during certain times of the year. Most anglers who are conservation minded including your Captain like to safely release Snook to ensure that fishery stays strong for future generations to enjoy.
Practicing Catch and release is strongly recommended to all Anglers who fish for Snook and Required on your charter even during the legal harvest Season.

There is no better feeling then to catch and release a snook knowing that he will be there next time for you to catch again only BIGGERS and STRONGER than before.