Snapper Fishing

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We like to use light tackle with long 20lb Monofilament leader and a bare hook with a small egg sinker tied up to a knocker rig or 1/4 oz chartreuse colored or bright pink jig head is always a safe bet. Snapper are an aggressive fish targeting all different types of bait. Shrimp is great to catch mangrove snapper but being a small bait in size it can be tricky to keep the small snapper from eating your bait first. Bait fish such as the Pilchard are a great bait to catch Snapper. Finding those perfect “Candy” size pilchards can lead to great success when fishing for snapper, a bait too big for the small snapper to steal away the opportunity yet perfect size for big momma to come along and eat your bait.
Snapper only need to be 10 inches in size to keep so they don’t have to be very big to wind up on your dinner plate but using larger baits such as pilchards is often a good way to come home with much larger snapper then the ordinary catch. Putting a block of chum in the waters always helps to get the small ones to the back of the boat where so you can fish close to the structure to go for the big ones.
Snapper is a great species to always target on your fishing charter being that they are abundant, fight hard and not too far away from your dock. Perfect for half day charters and great for kids. To enjoy. If you are looking for a family fun trip or a trip where you will get fresh fish to eat that night, snapper fishing is a great choice for a charter.