Shark Fishing

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Big rods and reels, giant hooks and thick, steel leaders along with big, bloody baits such as bonita, barracuda, stingray, mahi and mullet are the norm. While technically simple to catch, shark fishing can present a unique challenge in that it is sometimes a bit of a waiting game. These anticipation filled waiting periods are all worthwhile when you finally bring the ocean’s top predator boatside for a photo op. Be ready for a grueling battle, as you may hook into the largest fish you ever catch, some of these species can grow to massive sizes. There are sharks in these waters that are true sea monsters, tipping the scale at nearly 500 pounds and over 10 feet long.
Different species fight differently, each has their own unique personality, but they do share one key characteristic – they’re awesome and super fun to catch! Blacktips and spinners will dazzle you with multiple hard runs and spectacular jumps. Nurse sharks will run hard, but prefer to stay down on the bottom where they make their homes. The hammerhead will fight until absolute exhaustion and have been even been noted for pulling boats for miles! Bull sharks are another beast entirely, they have the highest testosterone levels of any animal on Earth, battling a big bull is not for the faint of heart as they can be extremely ornery.
For safety reasons we do not remove sharks from the water. Your captain will remove the hook with a long de-hooker or cut the line once the fish is boatside. Today’s modern fishing hooks are designed to rust away in saltwater over time, this does not harm the animal whatsoever. While we may have plenty of sharks around, world shark populations have been declining for years, as such we practice responsible, conservation minded fishing so all shark fishing is catch and release.
If you want to tangle with the top of the food chain, unrivaled, apex predators of the sea, come try your hand at shark fishing. Catching your first shark is an experience that will last a lifetime and leave you wanting to come back for more!