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While they can be taken of fly, the most productive way to catch one of these incredible challenging and elusive species is to sit on a flat silently staked down “soaking” shrimp or crabs. Putting out a spread of lines with smelly fresh bait is the best way to get on one the end of your rod. If you do hook up, be ready for blistering runs. Their forked tail and torpedo shaped bodies allow them to jet like miniature rockets along the bottom. In a similar fashion of snook and permit, if there is anything on the bottom to break you off such as a mangrove shoot or sharp rock, rest assured the bonefish will go straight for it.
If you want to try to sightfish a bonefish you better bring your A game. Sight Fishing is a whole new challenge and is definitely not for everyone. Being able to perform when the times comes counts for everything. You may only get one shot all day, so you better make it count!

Bonefish are best to target in the hot summer months when the tarpon and permit come out to play as well. They find themselves comfortable on the warm shallow grass flats feeding during the high tides when they are able to work their way into places not available on the low tides.

As the name suggests, these fish are filled with bones. Despite the lack of food quality, the more important factor is that these fish are revered for being one of the most difficult inshore fish to catch in the world and their hard fighting nature. We always release these fish.

Bonefish inhabit the waters year round in Islamorada. Some months are better than others, but they are what we consider a local fish. Come shoot your shot at a bonefish, landing one is one of the greatest accomplishments in all of angling.